Hola mother *******s this is a anon (Dylanisthebest123) bringing you the first weekly PFF news

==This day in history== 

  • CWAC chat was deserted while everyone was out Drinking or what they call "celebrating" New years eve

The first black man stayed with Kim kardashian long enough to get her pregnant

The USS moniter SINKS! (wtf?)

wiki newsEdit

Dylanisthebest123 Finally! has a way to return to Clone wars adventures

Troll king polls are open, PM me on chat to nominate somone, if you dont, i win.

the many NORMAL people of CWAC have left, sadly we left jeff behind (YOU DONT REMEMBER JEFF??)

admiral atom Comes out of the closet

the troll council survived the end of the world

nova IS DEAD!>?!!! ERMAHGOSH (old news... does this count as wiki news?)